Stem Cell Fifty

In 2011, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Till & McCulloch’s historic discovery of stem cells, we asked 50 prominent people to give us one word that, for them, sums up the power and promise of stem cell science.


Stem cells have a dynamic ability to specialize, heal and renew. The future is bright. Damon Allen, CFL Great


Mitzvah: that which we are both morally called to do, and want to do. Dan Ariely, Author & Economist


Imagine, the ability to read and understand the blueprint to life itself. Tré Armstrong, TV Dance Judge


Canadians have been at the very forefront of stem cell research from the very beginning. Dr. Alan Bernstein, Founding Pres., CIHR


We can harness a cell’s energy to improve life by applying energy to research. Roberta Bondar, Astronaut


Stem Cell Research is an evolutionary milestone that offers amazing potential for humanity. Liona Boyd, Classical Guitarist


Children bring out the best in us; we must do our best for their future. Kurt Browning, Figure Skating Champ


We strive through stem cell therapy to bring harmony to the people of the world. Michael Burgess, Tenor & Stage Actor


A strong vision is so important in making the future brighter for all mankind. Rick Campanelli, Co-Host, ET Canada


It takes strength to do what is right, to work together towards a common goal. Massimo Capra, Celebrity Chef


We must be fiercely dedicated to stem cell research, because lives are in the balance. Jarvis Church, Singer & Songwriter


With strong teamwork, we can overcome many obstacles and make all of our lives better. Wendel Clark, NHL Great


The opposite of love is not hate, it’s fear. When you remove fear, anything’s possible. Carla Collins, Comedian & Author


Ignorance is the cause of so much unnecessary pain and conflict. Let’s up the knowledge! Bruce Croxon, CBC Dragons’ Den panelist


Canadians cultivated the soil of stem cell research, so all humanity might reap the benefits. Mark Cullen, Best-Selling Author


Every journey begins with a single step. No better moment to begin than right now. Erin Davis, CHFI Morning Host


Stem cell research raises a powerful voice that says: Together, we can renew the world. Marilyn Denis, TV & Radio Host


First we must persuade ourselves that we can make a difference, and then we will. Arlene Dickinson, CBC Dragons’ Den panelist


Let stem cell research bring more joy through healthy children and thankful parents. Erica Ehm, Yummy Mummy Club Creator


Discovery, hope and technology together can go a long way to shape the future. Richard Florida, Author & Theorist


The seemingly impossible becomes possible when we are united and inspired by a shared vision. John Furlong, former President, VANOC


An amazing team discovered stem cells, creating an unstoppable synergy that will advance humankind. Humble & Fred, Radio Personalities


When we truly believe, anything is possible. Susan Hay, Global TV Anchor, Toronto


Our ability to achieve is only limited by our ability to dream. Robert Herjavec, CBC’s Dragons’ Den panelist


Supporting stem cell research gives power to those suffering from ‘incurable’ diseases and conditions. Paul Venoit, Style/Beauty Expert


Commitment reflects the importance of diligently pursuing excellence and never giving up on a goal. Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Olympic & World Champions


Stem cells show that we humans still have the power to heal — to never abandon our humanity. Dan Hill, Singer & Songwriter


To researchers who work doggedly to unlock mysteries and spare families sadness and loss. Heather Hiscox, CBC News Host


Just as laughter heals the soul, stem cell treatment will heal the body. Ron James, Comedian, CBC Host


Every advance in medicine and stem cell research is a goal scored for the world. Suneel Joshi, CTV Sports Anchor


The extraordinary commitment to stem cell research is a powerful affirmation of life. Karen Kain, Ballet Legend


Think of the dignity that awaits so many human beings via continued research and discovery! Chantal Kreviazuk, Singer & Songwriter


As overused as the word may be, stem cell research truly is… awesome. Darren Lamb, CHUM-FM Co-Host


It’s the heart of every question; nothing gets answered without the right question being asked. Amanda Lang, CBC Co-Host


Stem cells are the most important contribution that Canadian scientists have made to health science. The Hon. Anne McLellan, Former Deputy PM, Canada


Stem cell research will be the spark that re-imagines human biology in the 21st century. Anne Mroczkowski, Global TV co-Anchor


To support this research is, simply, to believe in a world better than this one. Ben Mulroney, Co-Host, CTV’s eTalk


Imagine the profits humanity will reap once stem cell treatments and therapy become the norm. Kevin O’Leary, CBC’s Dragons’ Den panelist


Oxford dictionary 20??; verb; Stem cells successfully repairing, healing and renewing damaged cells. Dini Petty, TV Personality


Stem cells represent the most significant scientific advancement we will experience in our lifetime. Dr. Martha Piper, Former UBC President & Vice-Chancellor


They have the potential to differentiate into different cell types and treat and cure disease. Valerie Pringle, Journalist & TV Host


It’s what stem cells have done for me, and the promise they hold for others. Lisa Ray, Actor & Activist


The knowledge of science can heal, and find cures for, life-limiting medical conditions. Leslie Roberts, Global TV Co-Anchor


Thanks to the numerous scientific innovations made by our Canadian scientists, many of our friends are still alive. Monika Schnarre, Supermodel & TV Host


Stem cells are pluripotent — their developmental potentials are endless. So are the healing possibilities they bring. Dr. Marla Shapiro, Medical Expert, Canada AM


Stem cells can support, nurture, and turn your life around. Like every great family. Brian Stemmle, Four-time Olympian


Stem cells offer exciting promise of a second chance at good health and wellbeing. Trish Stratus, WWE Champ & Actress


The discovery and development of stem cells has given us great hope and incredible miracles. Canadian Tenors, Vocal Quartet


There are untold miracles about to unfold. Beverly Thomson, Co-Host, Canada AM


It’s that moment we all hope for, a moment that can change everything. Ziya Tong, Host, Discovery Channel


Through a continuous search for new ideas and opportunities we’ll improve our world!Jim Treliving, CBC’s Dragons’ Den panelist