What is the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation?

The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation is a champion for stem cell science worldwide. We bring together influential stakeholders, partners, leading scientists and the public to create a national dialogue around stem cell science and to support Canadian innovation in advancing stem cell research, education and therapy.

The work being done each day in stem cell research labs is critically important to the future of humanity. Science is moving closer to groundbreaking treatments and cures for debilitating and often fatal diseases such as MS, cancer, diabetes, blindness and stroke. Our programs support this vital research.

What is the “Rock Star Scientists” video and who are the “Rock Star Scientists?”

Rock Star Scientists is a video showcasing internationally renowned scientists asking the world one question – why aren’t we doing more to advance stem cell research? From stem cell leader Janet Rossant, who created a mouse from a single cell, to Sam Weiss, who discovered neural stem cells, and Andras Nagy, who recently discovered a new way to reprogram stem cells; these 11 scientists are leaders in their field. This video is intended to increase awareness and kick start public dialogue around stem cell science.

The scientists in the “Rock Star Scientists” video say that treatments are ten years away. Is this true?

Stem cells have a long history in the treatment of disease. Bone marrow transplants, which contain blood-forming stem cells, have been used for over 30 years to treat certain forms of cancer, like leukemia and lymphoma. Stem cells are also used to treat blood diseases, like anemia, several immune system disorders, severe burns and a number of other conditions.

There are currently clinical trials underway for MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes, heart failure and more.

Does this mean that all disease will be cured in 10 years? No, while there may be better treatments or cures for certain diseases in the next few years, others may take longer.

The important thing is to continue to support this area of research, because stem cells hold the potential to treat and cure many different diseases.

Where can I get more information about stem cells/clinical trials/specific diseases/scientists?

Please refer to the links listed in the About Stem Cells section.