Oct 2016

Trainees meet with top researchers at the T&M conference

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Billed as “Canada’s premier stem cell research event” the Till & McCulloch Meetings provide an excellent opportunity for young scientists to discuss their work with sector leaders and talk about how they can play a role in advancing regenerative medicine.

Named after Drs. James Till and Ernest McCulloch, who discovered stem cells in 1961, the annual conference attracts hundreds of participants from across Canada and all over the world. The meetings, which begin Monday and run through Wednesday in Whistler, BC, foster new collaborations and nurture Canadian leadership and innovation.

Since the conference was first organized in 2001, much effort has been made to support young scientists via networking sessions, workshops and presentations. Top trainees are acknowledged with awards for their poster submissions, presentations and research efforts

Recognizing the importance of the trainee experience in Canada, a special session will be held to develop programs for young investigators. Participants will be asked to recommend the types of workshops and skills development best suited to support trainees and will participate in organizing them. Previous sessions have included workshops in career development, grant review and journal writing and ethics.

For more information on the Till & McCulloch Meetings 2016 click here. 

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