Aug 2016

Dr. Michael Rudnicki

Ottawa researcher receives $4.9 million grant

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Congratulations to Dr. Michael Rudnicki at The Ottawa Hospital who has been awarded $4.9 million to further his research into stem cells and muscle regeneration.

Dr. Rudnicki, who is also Scientific Director of the Stem Cell Network and a University of Ottawa professor, received the grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) as part of its Foundation funding competition to provide the country’s top health researchers with stable, long-term support.

His colleague Dr. Lynn Megeney also received funding, under CIHR’s Project competition, to study heart muscle regeneration and remodeling.

Dr. Rudnicki is one of the world’s leading researchers in stem cells and muscle regeneration. Last fall, his lab published a paper in Nature Medicine that could completely alter perceptions on how Duchenne muscular dystrophy happens — linking it to intrinsic defects in the function of muscle stem cells

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