Feb 2015

Dr. Mick Bhatia

Dr. Mick Bhatia puts Howe case into perspective on Day 6

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Dr. Mick Bhatia, Director of McMaster University’s Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute, was the featured guest on CBC Radio’s Day 6 program on Saturday morning as it delved into the controversial subject of stem cell tourism.

Host Brent Bambury interviewed Dr. Bhatia, a member of our Foundation’s Science Leadership Council, to get his expert perspective on stroke survivor Gordie Howe’s so-called “miraculous” recovery after he travelled to Tijuana for an experimental treatment.

Along with the high costs people often pay for unproven therapies that often do not produce results, Dr. Bhatia warned of the physical dangers of untested treatments. He pointed out that unlike a drug that can be discontinued in the event of an adverse effect, “if a cell goes rogue in the body” there is no way of controlling it. “Cells can go anywhere and can grow uncontrollably,” producing tumours.

Foundation CEO & President James Price says Howe’s case underscores the need to implement the Canadian Stem Cell Strategy & Action Plan. “Canada has a world-class stem cell sector and we are poised to bring new treatments to the clinic. It’s about bringing more clinical trials to Canada so that Canadians have early access to therapies that are proven to be safe and effective.”


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