Sep 2014

Chris Hadfield talks science funding on CBC

Serendipity versus eye-on-the-prize science

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“It’s not about basic science versus commercialization. The two need to work together.”

So says Michael May, CEO of the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine on Friday’s edition of CBC Radio Program The Current. Guest host Chris Hadfield featured a segment on whether the federal government’s emphasis on applied science is a detriment to basic research.

Also featured in the broadcast is an interview with Dr.  Peter Zandstra who explains the fascinating bio-engineering work he is doing to scale up stem cells for use in drug testing. The University of Toronto’s Dr. Zandstra is a member of the Foundation’s Science Leadership Council.

It’s a lively, discussion of the arguments for and against emphasizing  practical, eye-on-the-prize research over  serendipitous discovery. The podcast is available here. Just scroll down to the item titled “Some academics worry if Canada’s commitment to funding commercial research over basic science will backfire.”



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