Jun 2014

Toward Treatments: how stem cells can/may soon help you

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About a year ago, we launched Toward Treatments, a user-friendly resource to help all Canadians — but especially patients, their families and friends — to understand:

• how stem cells can be used to treat devastating diseases;
• which stem cell therapies are currently accessible; and
• which ones could be available in the near future.

Written in reader-friendly language, each Toward Treatment disease summary starts off with the Four Questions people most want answered: Are there stem cell treatments available? If not, when might they be available? What are scientists hoping stem cells can do? Are clinical trials currently underway? That’s followed by a more detailed look at what the researchers are working on right now and what lies ahead.

We launched Toward Treatments with a dozen disease summaries, ranging from ALS to Stroke. By year’s end we had expanded to 16. As of today, there are 19 Toward Treatments, including three new entries available: Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy and Crohn’s disease.

Each Toward Treatments summary has been reviewed by a panel of scientists to make sure they are fair and balanced and up-to-date. Stem cells hold the potential to treat different types of diseases by stimulating the body to repair itself. But while significant advances have been made in recent years, many stem cell therapies have a long road ahead before being available to patients. This is about hope, not hype.

We invite you to check them out.

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