Feb 2014

Why health research is a solid investment

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Heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death, hospitalization and prescription drug use in Canada.

While biomedical research has helped Canadians live healthier and longer lives, “it still has a long way to go,” according to Bobbe Wood, President of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. (Click here to read our NewsDesk article on a clinical trial using enhanced blood stem cells to repair heart damage.)

In the current edition of Inside Policy, Ms. Wood, a participant at the Health Charities Forum for a Canadian Stem Cell Strategy, highlights the importance and benefits of investing in cardiovascular research.

“Biomedical research cannot be turned on and off on a whim … it requires an infrastructure built over many years,” she writes. “A long-term investment in cardiovascular research is fundamental to ensure better and longer lives for Canadians, but is also one of the best economic investments we can make as a society,” adds Ms. Wood.

Investments in cardiovascular research generate a return of 21% in terms of benefits to the Canadian economy, an amount that is “enough to warm the heart of even the coldest banker or investor,” says Ms. Wood in the article.

She says that biomedical research not only makes us healthier, but it also improves our standard of living by creating jobs and generating significant payback.

With a strong education system and vibrant research and clinical communities, “Canada has all the ingredients to make biomedical research an important economic sector, while at the same time improving our health, our lives and overall economy,” says Ms. Wood.

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