Jan 2014
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Tina Ceroni on Canada AM: ‘I have a whole new lease on life’

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As we reported yesterday, Tina Ceroni, with the help of Dr. Harry Atkins, shared her story with Beverly Thomson today on Canada AM.

Tina is an accomplished athlete and fitness trainer who was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a rare autoimmune disease that affects one in a million people.

In her mid-20’s Tina started experiencing mild spasms and rigidity in her legs. She always assumed they were due to her training regime. She was eventually diagnosed SPS. The contractions and spasms became so severe that she required frequent trips to the emergency ward to save her life.

In April 2011, Tina received a stem cell transplant at Ottawa General Hospital.

The procedure performed by Dr. Atkins is very intense. Strong doses of chemotherapy “kill” the immune system in order to create a new disease-free immune system seeded by stem cells.

“There are risks of severe organ failure or even death,” Dr. Atkins explained on the program.

“It is a challenging process and it takes time to recover from something like that,” added Tina.

Today Tina is completely symptom free. “There are no words to describe how amazing I feel now. I have a whole new lease on life and no limitations on what I can do.”

Click here to watch the interview.

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