Dec 2013

Industry leaders help plot course

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What will it take to transform Canadian scientists’ innovative research experiments into stem cell therapies?

A group of industry representatives, from small biotech firms to large multinational health care corporations, met in Toronto on Dec. 13th to share their insights into how the Canadian Stem Cell Strategy should address this key challenge.

“The information gathered at this first Industry Forum will be crucial in helping to shape the Strategy and finding ways to overcome obstacles that can block excellent research from becoming new treatments and cures,” said James Price, President & CEO of the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation.

The Foundation, in partnership with the Stem Cell Network, the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, the Ontario Stem Cell Initiative and the Health Charities Coalition of Canada is leading the campaign for a Canadian Stem Cell Strategy.

The Industry Forum is one of several consultation sessions underway as part of the process of developing the Strategy. Previous gatherings have included Canada’s major health charities and leading experts in finance and investment. As well, the country’s top scientists are engaged in ongoing discussions to address how to best marshal Canada’s outstanding talent in stem cell research to come up with cures and treatments for currently incurable and untreatable diseases.

Friday’s Forum was followed by a meeting of key members of an International Working Group. The International Group met to give early insight into what other countries are doing and where Canada can have the greatest impact globally.

Industry Forum Participants

Actium Research Inc. 

David Young, Chief Executive Officer

Canadian Stem Cell Foundation

Alan Bernstein,* Chair, Board of Directors

James Price, President & Chief Executive Officer

Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine

Michael Israels, Chief Operating Officer

Michael May,* Chief Executive Officer

Rahul Sarugaser, Director Business Development

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Fiona Fitzgerald, National Sales and Marketing Manager

Stephen Minger,* Global Head of Research and Development for Cell Technologies

Insception Biosciences Inc.

Richard Lockie, Chief Executive Officer

Tim Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Proteus Venture Partners

Gregory Bonfiglio,* Founder & Managing Partner

Stem Cell Network

Philip Welford,* Executive Director

Stem Cell Therapeutics

James Parsons, Chief Financial Officer

Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Inc.

Simon Bubnic, Senior Scientist

University College London

Chris Mason,* Chair, Regenerative Medicine Bioprocessing

* Members of the International Working Group for the Canadian Stem Cell Strategy

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