Dec 2013

Finance & Investment experts talk Strategy

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It’s not about the money. It’s about finding cures for currently incurable diseases.

But if money does make the world go round, then it will play an important role in ensuring that the Canadian Stem Cell Strategy succeeds.

That’s why a dozen of Canada’s leading thinkers in finance and investment are gathering in Toronto today. Joining the national dialogue, they will share their suggestions on how to best develop and implement — and finance — a strategy to drive stem cell research toward new therapies and treatments.

Participants at the Finance & Investment Forum for a Canadian Stem Cell Strategy include executives from companies that manage billions of dollars of capital investment in enterprises ranging from commercial and industrial real-estate to cutting-edge life sciences technologies.

These men and women will provide their input into how to capitalize on Canada’s outstanding assets in stem cell research to achieve better health outcomes for Canadians, make health care sustainable and build a Canadian industry around regenerative medicine.

“We are fortunate,” says James Price, President & CEO of the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation. “We have an amazing array of finance and investment authorities prepared to help us build the Canadian Strategy. This is just the start, but their guidance definitely will help us to align Canada’s resources to deliver new cures and treatments to Canadians.”

The Foundation, in partnership with the Stem Cell Network, the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, the Ontario Stem Cell Initiative and the Health Charities Coalition of Canada is leading the campaign for a Canadian Stem Cell Strategy.  Ideas generated at today’s Forum will help in crafting the Strategy.  Similar ongoing consultations with leading stem cell researchers, national health charity leaders, industry and other stakeholders will also help shape the Strategy.


  • James Price, President  & Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Stem Cell Foundation 
  • Christine Williams, Vice-President, Research, Canadian Cancer Society
  • Michael May, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine
  • Donna Parr, President, Crimson Capital
  • Richard Meadows, Managing Partner, CTI Life Sciences Fund
  • Denis Ho, Founder, ImpactLink Capital
  • Randy Benson, Partner, KPMG 
  • Brian Underdown, Managing Director, Lumira Capital
  • Dan Kanashiro, Vice-President Investments, Orlando Corporation
  • Gregory Bonfiglio, Founder & Managing Partner, Proteus Venture Partners
  • Philip Welford, Executive Director, Stem Cell Network
  • Cédric Bisson, Venture Partner, Teralys Capital 
  • Cynthia Lavoie, General Partner, TVM Capital
  • Stefan Larson, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Versant Ventures

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