Apr 2013

Yes You Can

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Canada has earned its position globally as a stem cell leader. Canadians made the original discovery of stem cells and have made many of the most important breakthroughs. Our scientists are world-renowned and have trained successive generations of researchers who continue to increase our depth of knowledge in the field.

Larger, Broader Support

Recent years have seen stronger support continue to emerge from Canadians. Last year, the Renew the World Gala celebrated the 50th anniversary of the discovery of stem cells by Canadian researcher Drs. Till & McCulloch.

The gala was attended by 500 influential Canadians from all across the country who showed their commitment to the healing potential of stem cell science. The public declaration of support showed by these celebrities, business leaders and philanthropists has helped to set a new tone and momentum that is growing across Canada.

New Leaders

Today, new leaders are taking up the cause of stem cell science as their own. They recognize the impact that stem cell research can have on the health of Canadians, on our health care system, and on our economy. Our Board of Directors has continued to grow and their guidance, experience, and credibility are bringing greater attention and support to the stem cell cause.

This is For Everyone

Each of us can take small actions to help realize the full potential of stem cell science. Already, we are seeing that potential emerge. Jennifer Molson’s recovery from MS is a moving case in point. These changes are already in motion, but they don’t happen by themselves; they require support from all of us.

Sign the Charter

The first thing you can do is to make a clear statement of support for stem cell science. You can sign the International Stem Cell Charter to make that support public. Better yet, you can share it with others after you’ve made your declaration. Just follow the link HERE to get started.

Learn More

It’s important for each of us to continue to learn more about stem cell science. Not only is the field moving quickly, but it’s also essential that we take a grounded, measured approach over the long-term in order to achieve the outcomes we all hope for. We don’t all have to become scientists, but it’s possible for each of us to learn the fundamentals about stem cells and to share what we learn with others.

A great place to start is the book that we commissioned that tells the story of the discovery of stem cells. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the characters and moments that have defined our past and will shape our future.

Support the Foundation

Together we can shape Canada’s stem cell future. We have a strong foundation on which to build—a foundation we can be proud of. We have scientific leaders working in world-class research laboratories. We have leaders willing to lend their influence and work together to provide direction and to help achieve the healing potential that stem cell science offers.

What we need is you. We need your support. We need your voice. As you sign the Charter and continue to learn more about stem cell science, consider how you can support the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation.

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