Nov 2011

“Till on the Hill”

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Dr. James Till, who discovered stem cells with Dr. Ernest McCulloch 50 years ago, is being celebrated on Parliament Hill today.

The event was initiated by Liberal MP Kirsty Duncan who represents Etobicoke North. Earlier this year Kirsty Duncan stood in the House of Commons to urge Canada Post to issue a stamp honouring Till and McCulloch for their landmark discovery.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the “celebratory appearance on Parliament Hill this week and a new book paying tribute to James Till’s achievements as a global pioneer in stem-cell science could help position the renowned medical researcher for an honour that eluded his fellow Canadian collaborator, the late Ernest McCulloch: a Nobel Prize.”

“The Parliament Hill tribute, the new book, the push to win him Nobel recognition — Till appreciates it all, he said in an interview on Monday, ‘but it’s not for such awards and prizes that either of us got into science. We got into it to do things, and we were lucky enough to accomplish that.’

“Till acknowledged that ‘it would be an honour’ if the Nobel committee eventually recognized the Canadian discovery with its prestigious award. But other top science awards have already been won, he said, ‘and we have a legacy of academic descendants that I’m very proud of’ — scores of leading researchers around the world, all searching for cures or unravelling fresh mysteries of the human body by building on Till and McCulloch’s seminal discovery from a half-century ago.”

Read the full coverage here.

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