Oct 2011

“Dreams & Due Diligence” released at World Stem Cell Summit

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As the World Stem Cell Summit kicks off today in Pasadena, California, we’re proud to announce the release of the new book “Dreams & Due Diligence: Till & McCulloch’s Stem Cell Discovery & Legacy” that tells the untold story of the discovery of stem cells.

“The enormous international effort that we see today all goes back to the discovery made 50 years ago by Canadian scientists Till & McCulloch,” says Bernard Siegel, Chair of the World Stem Cell Summit.

Dreams & Due Diligence vivdly chronicles the work of these two researchers who made medical history — two men who possessed exactly the right complementary talents to achieve greatness and win nearly every award available in medical research.

Bringing their legacy to life for the first time, author Joe Sornberger provides a dramatic account of the development of stem cell research, one of today’s most groundbreaking medical scientific fields.

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