Jan 2011

We’re Counting on You

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We’ve been counting the number of people who have signed the Stem Cell Charter and the number keeps going up. And you’re likely one of them.

When you signed, you demonstrated your commitment to advancing stem cell science and ultimately helping people facing chronic disease. Perhaps people you know and care about; people who are part of your family; a close friend; someone who helped shape who you are.

When you signed, you said “Count me in — I support stem cell science”, and you joined many others.

This year, we’re counting on you to continue to show your support. We’re counting on you to share the Charter with people you know; people you think will understand why this is so important. We’re counting on you to join the other voices who are saying “We need to do more, faster”.

We’re counting on you to get involved.

This year, of all years, is the time to put your commitment into action. Here are two things you can do right now:

  1. “Cell” a friend. Encourage a family member, friend, or colleague to sign the Stem Cell Charter. Just click here and follow the instructions.
  2. Forward this Newsletter to someone you think should know more about the importance of stem cell science. Just click here.

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