Jan 2011

We Want to Let You in on a Little Secret

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of stem cells, we commissioned a book. A book that tells the story of how Drs. Till & McCulloch discovered stem cells, the impact they’ve had, and what the future holds.

We asked Joe Sornberger — who has written more on the subject than just about anyone we know — to write a book that tells the human story behind the discovery and the science. And he’s almost done!

Later this year, we will be releasing the book to the general public (with much fanfare, as you might expect). But you’re not the general public. And so we have something a little different — and a little more special — in mind for you.

To find out, “Like” our Facebook page and you’ll get the inside scoop — we will be cracking open the book just a little for you, before anyone else gets to see inside.

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