Jul 2010

Stem Cells on the Patio

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Stem Cells on the Patio is a fun way to celebrate summer while raising awareness and funds for stem cell science. Throw a party or bbq and encourage your guests to support you with a donation to the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation. Invite friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and anyone else you’d like to spend some time with this summer and fall. This is a great way to turn a party into something more.

If you don’t organize your own party, attend someone else’s. And if you don’t get a chance to attend, support a friend’s party, or even ours. Click here to see what the Foundation has planned.

On our Stem Cells on the Patio site, you can sponsor a party or set up your own personal “Stem Cells on the Patio” page. Check back for updates over the next month, and help us work towards advancing stem cell science.

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