May 2010

Today is World MS Day — It’s Time to Take Action

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Today is World MS Day. People from around the world are raising awareness about the more than 2 million individuals who are living with MS. And they are taking action to demonstrate their support and to search for a cure.

In Canada, between 55,000 and 75,000 individuals have Multiple Sclerosis – it is unpredictable, affecting vision, hearing, memory, balance, and mobility.

The MS Society of Canada is committed to supporting Canadians living with MS, and to funding research to find a cure. This month, the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation has told you about how important stem cells are in this work. They have shared the stories, experiences and insights of people living with MS and from those committed to finding a cure. We thank the Foundation for their leadership and we encourage them to continue their work.

Today is a day for you to show your leadership as well. I encourage you to think about what you can do to support those who are searching for a cure. Take a moment today and take a small action—show your support at worldmsday.org, sign the Stem Cell Charter or get involved locally.


Yves Savoie
President & CEO
MS Society of Canada

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