May 2010

Your Ideas, Your Effort, Your Votes

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There are many things we know about stem cells – and still many things we don’t. We know there are many different types – all working to help our bodies function each day. We know that stem cells are central to helping people with leukemia and other diseases through bone marrow transplants and therapies. We also know that they hold tremendous potential to unlock treatment for a variety of other illnesses.

This month we’re focusing on the work that is being done to use stem cells to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

This was your idea. In March,  we asked you to decide which disease area to run an awareness campaign for and you said MS. The fact that May is designated as MS Awareness Month by the MS Society is perfect timing. We will be sharing articles, videos, links and other information related to MS over the course of the month; you can learn more by reading “MS and Stem Cells” below.

In April our focus was on students teaching students, and we profiled a number of people’s efforts to teach others about stem cell science in innovative ways. From Alessandra Pasut, Angela McDonald and Paul Cassar, who work on StemCellTalks to David Kent, who runs scienceadvocacy.org, we heard from students around the world who are passionately and eloquently getting the word out about the importance of this field. Hopefully you had the chance to read their stories. If not, I encourage you to visit our blog.

Also in April, we found out that we were one of five finalists worldwide for an international Webby Award. It was a great honour to be nominated and it made us eligible for a People’s Voice Award. I’m sure you received our (many) emails, so read the article below to find out the results. Your actions throughout the voting process were astounding – from posting on your blogs and facebook pages to tweeting and sending out emails to friends and families. Thank you for that, and for all your support.

James Price is the President & CEO of the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation.

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