May 2010

MS and Stem Cells

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All month we’ll be posting links to articles, videos and facts about MS and stem cells on our blog and social media pages.

In addition, we have two special projects planned.

The first is a multi-part series about the Canadian MS Bone Marrow Transplant Research Study, an ongoing trial in which a team of researchers are re-growing the immune systems of MS patients with stem cells. It’s pretty amazing stuff, and it’s happening right here in Canada. We’ll be talking to people involved in every aspect of the study: the doctors and researchers, patients and their families, and those working behind the scenes to ensure that projects like this are being funded and incorporated into standard care. The first part of this series is an article (see below) by Jennifer Molson, patient number six in the study.

The second project involves you. People have lots of questions about how stem cells are being used to treat MS. So this month, if you have a question or a message, send it to us. We’ll compile the responses and and pass them along to a team of MS experts: Dr. Harry Atkins, one of the physicians leading the MS Research Study; Jennifer Molson, a patient in that study; and Marjorie Bowman, RN, the study’s Research Coordinator. At the end of the month, we’ll share their responses on our blog.

So get your questions to us – send us an email, post on our facebook page, make a comment on our blog or give us a call – this is a rare opportunity to get answers directly from those treating and receiving treatment for MS.

We hope you’re as excited about these projects as we are, and that you’ll follow along on our blog and social media pages as we explore how stem cells are being used to treat MS.

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