Apr 2010

Your goals beat ours in Stem Cell Shinny

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Over the past month, we — and stem cell science supporters across the country — have been Shinny-ing for stem sell science.

In March, the Foundation staff held a game of street hockey in Ottawa. We got together on a Saturday morning, spent time together, talked stem cells and played hockey. Another Shinny game was hosted by Alessandra Pasut, whom you may remember from her profile. Read about how her team caught “stem cell fever” here.

We set a modest goal for our games — we wanted to raise $1,961 to recognize the discovery of stem cells in Canada in 1961. But it would seem that your goal was a little higher. Between the two games, Stem Cell Shinny raised almost $2,500.

Just as important was the time spent engaging in some truly Canadian activities — playing hockey, eating timbits and talking stem cells. A resounding success, is what we’d call it, and we plan to make Stem Cell Shinny a yearly tradition.

We’ve also got some other interesting friend-raising events in the works. Up first is the Stem Cell Patio Party in June. Intrigued? We’ll be posting details soon, so check back on a regular basis.

Thanks to everyone who shinny-ed, donated and helped out.

Trefor Munn-Venn is VP of Operations & Development at the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation. And if you think he likes shinny, you should see him in front of a barbeque.

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