Apr 2010

Now that’s a good idea

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We love a good idea. We like to think that we’ve had a few, but we got an email recently with an idea that made us all stop, look at each other and say “Now that’s a good idea!”

The email came from Samuel, a student at McGill University. It said,

“Why don’t we create a Canadian Stem Cell Foundation Club at my university?”


You know that the Foundation’s committed to helping Canadians understand why stem cell science is important. You’ve probably heard about the Stem Cell Charter and how it’s providing universal principals to help guide the future development of the field. And you may have seen posts about Stem Cell Shinny—our recent friendraising event. All of these are ways of raising awareness, educating each other and building commitment.

What struck us about Samuel’s idea was that it helps to accomplish many of the objectives of the Foundation. It also provides a great way for university students—who have been some of our most active and creative supporters—to get more involved and take greater ownership.

So we want to know what you think–respond to our poll. We’ll leave the poll open until Monday, April 19th (at noon).

If you’re interested in getting involved, participating or leading the creation of a club at your University, send me an email at tmunnvenn@stemcellfoundation.ca. Let me know what school you’re at, your program and year – and include your contact information.

If your commitment is there, we’ll try and do this together. Thanks.

And thanks to Samuel.

Trefor Munn-Venn is VP of Operations & Development at the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation. And he thinks that Samuel is on to something.

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