Mar 2010

People’s Choice Awareness Campaign: MS

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As we’ve said before, we look to you for direction and leadership, and we want to give you the information and resources you want. So, over the past week, the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation ran poll to determine which disease area we would run our first awareness campaign for. We asked our facebook and twitter fans to vote and, in the end, you told us you want to see an awareness campaign for Multiple Sclerosis.

What comes next? For a full month we’ll conduct an awareness campaign about MS and Stem Cells. We’ll profile patients who have undergone stem cell therapies for MS, doctors treating the disease and scientists working in the lab to develop new treatments. We’ll provide articles, videos and other material about how stem cells are being used.

We’ll continue to ask for your input along the way, so check back regularly to see what we’re up to. And if you have any ideas or questions in the meantime, email us at info@stemcellfoundation.ca.

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