Mar 2010

Diabetes in the lead, Muscular Dystrophy close behind

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There are only three days left to vote in our Awareness Campaign Poll, and the results are far from certain. So far, Diabetes is in the lead, followed closely by Muscular Dystrophy. Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke aren’t too far behind though, so if you want to see a campaign for either of those disease areas, or any of the others on the list, vote here by Monday, March 15th, 2010.

The results so far:

More about the Awareness Campaign:

We’ve identified six disease areas for which stem cell treatments hold great promise, and we’re asking you to vote for one. You pick, and we’ll run a month-long awareness campaign. We’ll post articles and videos about the disease area and new stem cell research in the area. We’ll conduct interviews with researchers, physicians and patients. And of course, we’ll showcase your stories relating to the winning disease area all month long.

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