Mar 2010

A Champion for Stem Cell Science

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Canada has tremendous stem cell expertise. Drs. Jim Till and Ernest McCulloch first discovered stem cells nearly 50 years ago at the Ontario Cancer Institute. And for five decades, Canadian scientists have made some of the most significant discoveries in the field.

In discussion with Dr. Till, he shared that their initial discovery — and the many that have followed — are the result of Canada’s collaborative spirit. “Science isn’t done by individuals” he says, “it’s done by teams”. And we agree. We believe that realizing the full promise of stem cells also relies on engaging the public — all of us —  in advancing stem cell science.

The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation was established to champion the importance of stem cell science for the health of all humanity. But champions don’t act alone. We’re working with scientists, community leaders and the public. We’re providing education and leadership. We’re building partnerships. All to accelerate the speed at which research can be translated into clinical applications and therapies for people everywhere.

We’re inspired by patient advocates and health charities who are hungry for better information and want progress now. We’re motivated by scientists and clinicians who commit every day to make a difference in the lives of patients.

Stem cells are full of promise. Realizing that promise requires each of us to act. And the Foundation will continue to share ideas — small and large — that you can act on. We hope you will share your ideas as well. Together we can build on this Canadian legacy.

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