Mar 2010

What a Difference

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The Foundation is the champion for stem cell science and in the few short months we’ve been in operation we’ve been busy. We released the Stem Cell Charter, produced “Rock Star Scientists” and 11 other videos explaining stem cell science in plain language, established an exciting plan for the years ahead, and launched a social media program.

It’s been exciting, and what’s really amazed us are the actions that you’ve taken in response. Thousands have signed the Charter and every day the numbers grow a little more. You’ve shared personal and compelling experiences with us and with each other. You’ve made donations and pledges without being asked.

The truth is that your leadership and action are more important than our role as a champion. So our commitment is to listen to you. Here’s an example: the Foundation will conduct two online awareness campaigns this year that focus on a disease or illness where stem cells are already making a difference or are expected to in the not too distant future. We want you to choose one of the diseases that we will focus on. Follow this link and vote for the area you would like us to rally around-you choose; we’ll run the awareness campaign. You have until Monday, March 15th to cast your vote.

And this is just a start. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll find that we’re reaching out for your ideas and guidance, and taking your lead.

We can’t do this without you.

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